Get answers to your Frequently Asked Questions about Byolife

What is Byolife? is an online hospitality marketplace which initiates, facilitates and coordinates buying and selling of services between customers and service providers in Zimbabwe.

How does it work?

Byolife business listing/storefront owners can claim/ sign up their business to sell their services and products. Customers can find a business in their area, request a quotation or book appointment for the services. Customers and business owners can also message each other within the Byolife hospitality marketplace.

How to sell your services on Byolife

Selling on is very simple, define the services you offer, add prices/ a rate sheet, add your physical address, tel number, WhatsApp number, social media links plus images for the gallery. All of this is to assist the customer to make an informed decision when choosing your offering.

What is a Storefront?

This is your business listing page on, where you can define your business with your branding, sell your services and transact with potential customers.

How do you get a quote?

When a customer visits your business listing page/ storefront, they can request a quote and it will be sent directly to you to respond to them. You can also use our built-in message functionality to chat with your customers.

How much will it cost me?

The Byolife Business listings/ Storefronts are FREE with options to upgrade for more features. Click here to get started.

How can i contact the Byolife team?

Call us on (+263) 0712 173 627 or email us at or