Eastern Adventures has introduced bicycle hire, allowing tourists to cycle around Zimbabwe’s Eastern Highlands, where trails include Nyanga, Chimanimani and Mutare.

Eastern Adventures, MD, Desire Jongwe says: “Cycling gives tourists the opportunity to be as close to nature as possible, and is environmentally friendly. We are targeting domestic and foreign tourists as well as health and sportspeople.”

He adds that biking also comes with health benefits such as relieving stress, reducing blood pressure and burning calories.

Bikers are provided with safety gear, bike accessories and T-shirts, among other necessities.

Tour guides will be available for those who request them but visitors who prefer privacy can cycle on their own, he says. “Area maps will soon be available. Most parts of the Eastern Highlands are cycle friendly and we encourage people to use bicycles as a mode of transport and wellness. The biking activities include family and group rides, health benefit rides, charity rides, picnic and camping activities.”

The Eastern Highlands is sparsely populated and has a cooler, wetter climate than other parts of the country. It is a land of mountains, national parks and secluded getaways, stretching along the border with Mozambique.

Tourist attractions include Mount Nyangani and Nyanga National Park, Mutarazi Falls, Chimanimani Mountains National Park, the Bridal Veil Falls and Vumba Botanical Gardens.